Cooperation and network

At Elite Consulting the player is the key figure and the player’s career is in focus. Cooperation with the player is crucial. In cooperation with the player we create a strategy for the player’s career which continually is evaluated and adjusted. 


A very important element of Elite Consulting is of course the club transfer and contract negotiations. Nevertheless, things like housing, pension, investment and savings are also necessary factors that need to be taken care of in order for the player to concentrate solely on the performance on the field. Elite Consulting helps with all of the above.


In the football industry it is very important to have a solid and wide network. Elite Consulting has a great, international network of reliable and trustworthy partners all the way from Europe to the USA, Australia and China.


The team at Elite Consulting travel a lot in order to nurture and broaden the network with club managers, sports managers, scouts and player agents all over the world.